Who is CHART

CHART is a Trust that has been created to facilitate the treatment and rehabilitation of native wildlife.

The primary goal of CHART is to construct a purpose built wildlife hospital capable of treating all native species but with a particular focus on the treatment of koalas and marine fauna. There is currently no such facility between Currumbin Wildlife Hospital on the Gold Coast and Taronga Zoo in Sydney.

In addition to this CHART also seeks to investigate and report matters of wildlife disease, educate students and the public on matters of conservation and the importance of biodiversity and liaise with local government and existing organizations dealing with native wildlife.

The Trust Deed defines the objectives and legal guidelines of CHART and is attached with this document (Appendix 1).

15th of April 2014 CHART was entered onto the Register of Environmental Organisations allowing donations to the fund to be eligible for a tax deduction under the Income Assessment Act 1997 (the Act).

In July 2014 the Trust was granted a Charitable Licence CFN/23375 which allows the organisation to raise funds in many capacities.

Paige Sinclair,
Paige Sinclair, Dolphin Marine Magic Board Member
Paige started with Dolphin Marine Magic just before Christmas in 2004, she is currently the Managing Director.

Paige adores animals, and has a personal interest in rescue animals with her two ‘OPUP’s (other peoples unwanted pets) – Gypsy and Rosie a couple of Staffy crosses.

Paige has a long term personal goal to build a native animal hospital in the Coffs Harbour area. This hospital would provide triage treatment for all native animals before going out to qualified carer’s for rehabilitation with a goal to release back to their native habitat once the animal is well.

John Ward,
John Ward, Dolphin Marine Magic Board Member - Chairman
John has been involved with Dolphin Marine Magic since its inception back in 1968 when the company was first incorporated.
He is passionate and excited about the project of building a triage wildlife hospital in the Coffs Harbour area.

Terry Goodall,
Terry Goodall, Dolphin Marine Magic Board Member
Terry grew up in Coffs Harbour and remembers the very early days of Dolphin Marine magic when his uncle started the business as a wild life refuge.
Terry is a successful business owner and entrepreneur.
Robin Goodall,
Robin Goodall, Dolphin Marine Magic Board Member
Robin like John has been involved with Dolphin Marine Magic since the very beginning.
Natalie Mitchell,
Natalie Mitchell, Dolphin Marine Magic Board Member
Natalie has a background in accounting, business management, SME streamlining, developing growth strategies, re-engineering business processes and developing business plans for the past 15 years.