Lucy back on the perch

Lucy the koala is on the mend after a run in with a car! After being stabilised by the veterinary team at Rose Avenue Vets, Dr Allan Hudson at Pacific Vetcare plated Lucy’s femor on Tuesday the 10th of October. The surgery was complicated due to the extremity of the fracture by Dr Al put

Powerful Owl receiving International assistance

A Powerful Owl was presented to Blue and White Veterinary clinic for assessment this week after the animal was been hit by a car. The animal was in good condition except for some asymmetry in the shape of the pupils that may have been the result of a head trauma caused during the accident. Dr

Sea Turtles Exposed to Pollution

CHART partnered with Southern Cross University in an investigation into the levels of heavy metal found in sea turtles that stranded along the NSW coastline. This is the first work of its kind in the region will provide some valuable information on the level of pollution in our area.

Donation to Support Kangaroo Research

CHART donated $2000 to the Australian Registry of Wildlife Health to assist in the investigation of some unusual and emerging diseases of kangaroos and wallabies in the Coffs Harbour District. The investigation is being conducted with assistance from Pacific Vetcare.

Baby Possum Gets a Second Chance

Tests are underway to exclude a zoonotic bacterium from a possum brought into Blue and White Veterinary Clinic. Unfortunately, the infection meant the mother could not be saved but thanks to WIRES, to joey went into care and will hopefully be able to be released.

Young Seals Get A Second Chance

CHART supported the team at Dolphin Marine Magic in the rescue and rehabilitation of 8 New Zealand Fur seal pups this season. Of the 8 animals, 5 were nursed back to health and released off the Coffs Coast. Keep an eye for small seals with red tags on the back of the flippers and give

Young Kookaburra Gets It’s Wings Back

Young kookaburra with right wing fracture. Wing bandaged at Pacific Vetcare and sent to WIRES carer. Will be released in it's territory when healed.