CHART is being relaunched as Dolphin Marine Rescue Animal Rehab Trust!

Lucy back on the perch

Lucy the koala is on the mend after a run in with a car! After being stabilised by the veterinary team at Rose Avenue Vets, Dr Allan Hudson at Pacific Vetcare plated Lucy’s femor on Tuesday the 10th of October. The surgery was complicated due to the extremity of the fracture by Dr Al put

Crusher on the mend

Crusher the green sea turtle that was found near Sandon Point on the NSW North Coast on the 29th of September. Veterinary staff at Dolphin Marine Magic were initially concerned given the potential for the spinal cord to have been damaged in the accident, but Crusher proved everyone wrong! And is on his way to

Boost for local Education

Coffs Harbour High school were one of three recipients that recently received a $2000 grant from CHART to support work related to conservation in the local area. Head Science teacher Travis MacKay was successful with his application for the development of a series of podcasts, that would involve interviews with local environmental scientists and the

Powerful Owl receiving International assistance

A Powerful Owl was presented to Blue and White Veterinary clinic for assessment this week after the animal was been hit by a car. The animal was in good condition except for some asymmetry in the shape of the pupils that may have been the result of a head trauma caused during the accident. Dr

National Threatened Species Day

CHART recently presented at a lecture series held on National Threatened Species Day. The day saw some great talks on all matters relating to conservation- from the efforts to save the local Bellinger River Snapping turtle to breeding programs for Black Rhino’s, the Przewalski horse and many more native and exotic species. Dr Duan March

Sad End for Giant Visitor

A juvenile Southern Petrel was treated at Dolphin Marine Magic following becoming entangled in fishing line. Initially hopes were high as the animal looked bright and endoscopy of the stomach showed no evidence plastic ingestion. However unfortunately, the animal deteriorate whilst in care and died despite treatment. It is suspected that the bird was suffering